New Semester
Finally, its the last day of school.
Somehow i'll miss the feeling here, the students and teachers.. Really glad to have such experience and opportunity to become a teacher, and being posted to this school. (:

Now, it is time to go back to my own school. Timetable is out, Monday to Thursday are my long long days. (8am to 6pm) Got to buck up again! Time to study! There's one thing good about teaching in school is that it trains me to wake up as early as 6am. (:

Going back to MOE Building later after school for debriefing. I think all the interns will have lots to share! Haha:D

Cell Group in the evening! Going to celebrate Joey's Birthday! Whoo~

18th Birthday (Part 2)

.... I'll continue from yesterday's post...

*Surprises/ Failed Surprises* :D
The gathering is supposed to be a surprise, but end up it was being exposed.. (: And Jake, he was supposed to be a surprise too, but he was exposed as well.
The few of us met up at Suntec Convention Centre and walked over to Marina Square. It was a nice chat with them as all of us spent our holidays differently. Especially Miss Neo, Miss Lim and Mr Tan (Jia En, Jia Yi and Jake) Hahaha:D After walking around Marina Square and waited for everyone to reach, we finally settle down at "Hotpot Culture". It is a very "peaceful" place whereby its quite empty on a early Monday evening, the ambience is good and the food are quite tasty too! We saw few BCS school mates in the restuarant too, what a coincidence! (: Anyway, to fast forward, after coming back from the toilet with Jing Yuan, there was an obvious surprise and an unexpected one! The cake was brought in by a waitress and the whole restaurant played a Birthday Song! (But the music was played in a slow beat with quite a long introduction, so after they sang finish the birthday song for me, the guy in the music started singing.. :DD *laugh* Next, the cake! It was baked by Chef Lim Jia Yi, the card! was done by Designer Lim Yan Zhi, and the present- Gel Eyeliner and Eye Shadow! (Sounds familiar?:D) Lastly, guys thanks for the treat, though the total amount is quite ex!
After dinner, we went to stroll around and went to the Fountain of Wealth! Hey if you guys have not been to there in the night, you should go down! Its really very beautiful! But surprising, Jia En and Jing Yuan actually went to request them to play a "birthday song" and dedicated a song for me. (Graduation by Vitamin C) After that touching ang loving moment, we went down to walk 3 rounds around the fountain.. :DD

Hereby, wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to you guys for making my  18th birthday a very special one! <3

18th Birthday (Part 1)

One year has passed and I'm eighteen now!
God is indeed good. For the past one year, I've seen myself growing!
One big difference that i've notice is that there is no more this "sotong" word appear in my birthday card! Praise God! :D
There are alot of things I want to thank God for, especially for this ONE thing, which is placing wonderful people around my live.
At home, I have a happy family. My dad, my mum, my brother, my aunts and uncles, my grandpa, and cousins. They are one of the most giving people I've known.
In church, I have loving people all around, always ready to be there whenever I need their support! (:
In school, I have crazy people. See each other 5days a week, and its this not enough. The most enjoyable moment is to eat Yong Tau Fu together! :D

Today is a day of surprise!
First thing in the morning, I was actually told that my teacher is on MC! And that means I'll have to take over the class. Instead of grumbling, I went straight to the teacher's table to prepare my lesson. (because there's not much time left) Anyway, the lesson went on quite okay. Work that needs to be done are handed in, just that they don't listen to some of words. (:
Secondly was the celebration with jiayi, jiaen, jingyuan, yanzhi and jake!
Surprises! Surprises! Surprises! :D

To be continued.. (:

Mooncake Festival
It have been quite some time since I've last celebrated Mooncake Festival.
This year TPCSC has once again organised a celebration like this to invite elderlys from 2 different community centre. The performance officially starts at around 7pm, and each volunteer is allocated to a table to befriend with the elderly. The table I went to had 3 "gong gong" (grandpa). Throughout the celebration,  we chatted, played games, carried lantern, sang along, etc. I like one of the "gong gong", he has a very bright and happy smile. Whenever you talked to him, or even when his listening to the orchestra music, he'll still put on that smile on his face. (: *Putting on a smile do make a difference in someone else's life!

Reached home at about 10.30pm.
It's a tiring day!

I lost something very important. Hopefully I can find it by this afternoon.. :(

My First Livejournel
Decided to move over!
Blogger is giving me problem, so hopefully livejournel works well for me. (:

Its the third week of school and so far i've been enjoying myself. Met new teachers and students, and guess what? i'm used to be called Miss Wong. Haha.. I would say Dunman is a good school! Compared to others, their discipline, environment, facilities, etc. are one of the best. Next 2 weeks are going to be their Main Exam, school will be even quieter.

For the past 3 weeks, there were days i'm very free that makes we bored while there were also days when i'm busy that makes me tired. From this experience, I learnt to prepare lessons, conduct lessons and marking students' work. As from Mdm Ng (the teacher i'm attached to), she's very interesting. I like it especially when she give comments or reply to her the student question or nonsense. Her reaction is so fast that she her words seems to have hit the "jackpot" everytime. (which means her words can simply stop the student from speaking nonsense) Though she's strict with her students, she has her soft and nice side too. (Hm, I believe all teachers are the same. Its usually the students that  forces them to be evil.) Anyhow, Mdm Ng is a good teacher!

Some interesting experiences:
1. Sec 1 Practical Exams
It is as if i've been to a war man! Haha, I shall not write here. The scenes are just un-imaginable!
2. First teaching experience
Haha, its quite fun! Surprisingly I'm not that fearful and my voice was loud enough! (Holy Spirit was with me :D)
Mdm Ng didn't gave much comments, so I think should be quite okay.

Tomorrow will be 1st of October. 3 more months to 2010!
Oh my, thats fast. Time to wake up!
New semester is starting soon.
Please pray for 
- no stress (which is impossible) 
- no project, quizzes, labs, exams (which is impossible too) :DD
- ** triple the anointing, influence, wisdom, knowledge and strength!

Thats all for today! (: Good night.


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